Tillydrone Community Council

Funding applied for: £50000


Participatory Budgeting Fund

About this project

We are hopeful to purchase an electric minibus for use in the community of Tillydrone.  We aim to provide services for vulnerable/disabled adults/children, elderly folks & low income families.  

The minibus would be used for a variety of activities, these would include: providing transport for those who have mobility issues, possibly for shopping, appointments etc, funded outings etc. We could also provide transport for volunteers to carry out community work. The minibus can also double up as a van to distribute care packages or similar within  our community. We could also provide travel for other groups within Tillydrone 

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Funding received:


Help Greyhope Bay be a zero-waste to landfill visitor attraction and keep Aberdeen's favourite dolphin viewing site litter free! Your vote will help upgrade our facility to support our zero-waste ambition that aims to teach better habits to protect our precious marine environment.

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Help us kickstart our wonderful Community Garden in Cornhill/Stockethill and give residents the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, connect with nature, grow their own food, improve their health and wellbeing, and instil a sense of pride in their community whilst enabling residents to develop stronger ties to their area.

Funding received:


We propose to purchase and kit-out an electric vehicle as an interactive mobile Climate Change exhibit, along with graphics to explain the benefits of switching to electric and illustrate the reduction in our carbon footprint.