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Funding applied for: £39500


Participatory Budgeting Fund

About this project

Help us bring Aberdeen Science Centre and the Climate Conversation to you! 
Do you want to know why so many people are talking about Climate Change, and how this might affect you and your family?  Do you want to learn about the opportunities presented by these challenges to create a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable life for you and your community?  
We propose to purchase and kit-out an electric vehicle as an interactive mobile Climate Change exhibit, along with graphics to explain the benefits of switching to electric and illustrate the reduction in our carbon footprint.  We will work alongside you and provide a range of hands-on activities as well as inspiring workshops, to show you how we can all work together to tackle Climate Change.   
Our proposal will enable us to take our interactive Climate Conversation on the road and into your local community, schools, businesses, and public events

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Funding received:


[Listed as Camphill Medical Practice Ltd. in the voting list] - We need your support to buy an electric vehicle to transport disadvantaged people, including those with mental and physical ill health, to our COMPASS project so they can access therapeutic gardening, cooking classes and skills development opportunities.

Funding received:


Our people carrier transports our service users to the groups and activities which we provide – particularly the children and young people of our Young People’s Sensory Service (YPSS). The funding requested would enable us to replace our current people carrier, now seven years old, with a similar but electric vehicle.

Funding received:


In the Family Food: Fresh and Frugal project, volunteers from Garthdee Field Allotments will work with Kaimhill Primary School pupils to grow and cook their own vegetables, providing tasty, inexpensive, and healthy meals for themselves and their families.