Organisational Development:

Funding and Business Development

We provide funding, business planning and other related services to 3rd Sector organisations in Aberdeen City.


Our services are constantly evolving and are relevant to both emerging and established organisations for all fields of interest.

Some of the services we provide


  • Funding and Business Planning support
  • Confidential external review of draft funding applications and business plans
  • Planning and development support for social enterprises
  • Trading and networking support for social enterprises
  • Information about current funding opportunities
  • Support to develop fundraising strategies
  • ACVO Bursaries
  • Help to find business-skilled volunteers for Boards, fundraising or development capacity
  • Signposting and introduction to other intermediary organisations in specialist fields
  • Opportunities to link with local professions and others for business development through ACVO Affiliates
  • Tailored facilitated consultation, briefing and training events for Boards, senior management teams and stakeholders on Funding and Business Development

If you require advice and information about funding, please get in touch with our funding officer, Claire Shaw

    Claire Shaw
    Claire Shaw

    Funding Officer