Aberdeen TEC Pathfinders Project

Project Overview

In 2019, ACVO and Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) were chosen to lead on a two-year Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Pathfinder project within Aberdeen City.

The project aims to explore, define and co-design how TEC can play a role in supporting the delivery of multi-agency services for people, aged 18+ who experience domestic abuse within the city.

Technology Enabled Care is defined as: ‘where outcomes for individuals in home or community settings are improved through the application of technology, as an integral part of quality, cost effective care and support to look after more people at home’ (TEC Scotland, 2020).

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder Programme

The national programme is aligned with the Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Care Strategy, published in April 2018. The strategy identifies service transformation and the contribution of digital technology as one of six key domains in using technology to reshape and improve services, support person-centred care and improve outcomes.

The programme aims to support multiagency partnerships to embed digital technology in the transformation of local services for health and wellbeing. It has adopted the Scottish Approach to Service Design as a core component of the programme, placing the citizen at the centre of the process of understanding problems and designing potential solutions. There is a focus on shared learning across Scotland and future adaptability and transferability of the approach of the pathfinders.

There are four TEC pathfinders’ projects currently running in Scotland as part of this programme, please find more information at:


Project Status

The project was divided into four main stages, called, Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

Develop is now drawing to a close in 2022 as we now look towards the fourth and final phase of Deliver, having come through the Discover and Define phases in 2018-21 which are all part of the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD) advocated by the Scottish Government

Some activities we have undertaken are:


Identifying stakeholders, citizens, and provision within the city.


Mapping experiences, gaps and pain points for citizens and stakeholders.


Understanding what citizens needs are when accessing and receiving support.


Contracted Snook, an experienced digital design company, to help us on our journey through Develop and Deliver.


An updated Project Lead Team and Steering Group were put in place following the findings of Define, in 2021 to drive the project forward in the relevant areas of engagement and key areas of expertise in the city.


Appointment of the Prevention and Development Lead from Grampian Women’s Aid to assist engagement needs and provide a critical friend to the project.


Extensive consultation undertaken by Snook (2021-22) to consult with practitioners and those with Lived Experience to sense-check, ideate and test prototypes to ensure the project stayed on track and gathered views from the widest range of sources possible.


Attendance on SAtSD Refresh course by Project team members (2022).


Engagement with SCVO Digital Inclusion Team to review our work (2022).


‘Develop Webinar’ presented to the other three Pathfinder Programmes in Scotland (May 2022)


Develop Report complete May 2022.

Read the latest report on the Define Phase

Read below or download the PDF  – Aberdeen TEC Pathfinder Project – Define Stage Review

Develop Phase

In the Develop phase we have been working with Snook to test ideas and solutions to prototype improvements within the current landscape of support in Aberdeen city. This is a very exciting phase for us to complete as we strive to take a whole systems approach to both improvement and impact within the city.

Deliver Beckons!


For further information about the project, please contact:

ACVO Partnership Manager,  Jane Russell

Email: jane.russell@acvo.org.uk