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From June 30th 2021, ACVO are pleased to offer a year’s free membership to existing and new members.

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We are stronger with you behind us…

From June 30th 2021, ACVO are pleased to offer a year’s free membership to existing and new members. This offer is valid until the end of 2021, and your full year’s membership runs from when you sign up.

We are doing this as a way to say thank you and as an acknowledgement of the difficult year that third sector organisations have had coping with the pandemic. Your work and the impact that you have are what has helped hold people and communities together over the last 16 months.

Kindness, joint working, flexibility of delivery and innovation have been hallmarks of the work we have seen from our sector across Aberdeen. We want to continue to share the stories of the work you are doing, and how we can support you to do it.

-Maggie Hepburn, Chief Executive of ACVO TSI

As a member of ACVO, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Discounted rates for ACVO News advertising

A visual presence on the ACVO website’s membership directory

Opportunity to have an extended piece about your organisation featured  in  ACVO News

The ability to stand for election as a member of ACVO’s Board of Directors

The ability to vote for representatives on ACVO’s Board of Directors

and more to be announced soon

Membership is open to all Third/Voluntary Sector organisations within Aberdeen


You can become an Ordinary Member (voting member) if you are:

 An organisation with a governing document

 Operating in the City of Aberdeen


You can become an Associate Member (non-voting member) if you are:

 Individuals who support the aims of ACVO

 Statutory bodies

Why should your organisation become a member of ACVO?

ACVO’s job is to support, represent and advocate for the Third Sector in the City of Aberdeen. Your organisation can help us to get better at that by becoming an ACVO member.

The more members that ACVO has, the more representative of the Sector we are.

The more members, the more clout we have in advocating for you and representing your views to public and private sectors alike.

Becoming an ACVO member is a good way to ensure that the services ACVO provides are the ones valued by its members and meeting their needs.

If ACVO has helped you, help ACVO in return by becoming a member and helping us to do the best job we can do for you and the Third Sector as a whole.

– Sandy Mathers, Development Officer, ACVO TSI

To apply to become a member complete the form below and someone from the ACVO team will be back in touch.

Alternatively you can download and complete an application form  and email to

Please get in touch if you have any questions about membership.


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