North East Sensory Services (NESS)

Funding applied for: £33565


Participatory Budgeting Fund

About this project

Headquartered in Aberdeen, NESS supports around 6,500 visually and hearing impaired people of all ages across North East Scotland.  Originally founded in 1879, NESS is now sector leader in Scotland – uniquely delivering joint sensory services which have a life-changing impact on sensory impaired individuals’ self-esteem, confidence, resilience, and ability to participate in society. 

The funding requested would enable us to replace our current people carrier, now seven years old, with a similar but electric vehicle.  Our people carrier transports our service users to the groups and activities which we provide – particularly the children and young people of our Young People’s Sensory Service (YPSS).  Our YPSS enables our youngsters to build their confidence, independence, social skills and ambition through our tailored activity programme.  The electric vehicle would enable NESS to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact while making a huge difference to our service users’ lives 

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Funding received:


We wish to install a self composting toilet at Grove Nursery for all nursery users. This toilet means that older people, children, people with mobility issues and people with specific conditions will be able to use the site as currently there is no toilet provision at all.

Funding received:


We are hopeful to purchase an electric minibus for use in the community of Tillydrone. We aim to provide services for vulnerable/disabled adults/children, elderly folks & low income families.

Funding received:


[Listed as Camphill Medical Practice Ltd. in the voting list] - We need your support to buy an electric vehicle to transport disadvantaged people, including those with mental and physical ill health, to our COMPASS project so they can access therapeutic gardening, cooking classes and skills development opportunities.