Greyhope Bay

Funding applied for: £11000


Participatory Budgeting Fund

About this project

We know that sorting your waste can be confusing! That’s why we want to create an engaging and inspiring waste sorting experience at our site at Torry Battery to maximise our impact on visitors to our site to make the right choices. This means that we will increase our capacity by purchasing the required external and internal bins for all the waste streams we produce at our cafe (glass, mixed recycling and compost, no general waste!) and creating bespoke signage to guide visitors through the experience that inspires behaviour change around their waste disposal habits. This will lower our waste to landfill footprint (we’re aiming for ‘zero’ ahead of the curve!) and teach better habits at home.

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We are hopeful to purchase an electric minibus for use in the community of Tillydrone. We aim to provide services for vulnerable/disabled adults/children, elderly folks & low income families.

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We wish to install a self composting toilet at Grove Nursery for all nursery users. This toilet means that older people, children, people with mobility issues and people with specific conditions will be able to use the site as currently there is no toilet provision at all.

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The 9th Aberdeen Scout Group is a youth led organisation in the Broomhill area of Aberdeen. Our members are passionate about improving our impact on the climate. They want our Scout Group to head towards Net Zero and be the Scout Group with the lowest climate impact in Aberdeen!