Alcohol and Drugs Action

Funding applied for: £29000


Participatory Budgeting Fund

About this project

‘Sharp Response’ provides a daily mobile crisis outreach service targeted to those alcohol/drug users deemed to be at highest risk.  The service goes to the individual wherever they are, rather than waiting for the individual to come to the service and so we are requesting funds for an electric car to make our service more sustainable. The project provides amongst other interventions; safe needle-exchange (including provision of naloxone to help prevent fatal overdose), blood-borne virus testing, sexual health input, and it directly addresses various hardship needs of both clients and their families.  This involves access to emergency food parcels, and practical help with re-establishing communication with other services/family. 

Further outcomes may include ‘wellbeing’ checks, support to access/re-engage health (and alcohol/drug treatment) services, as well as working with other agencies to swiftly secure positive outcomes for what is an extremely marginalised and stigmatised group.  This work is vital as with the cost-of-living crisis and other pressures, those already disadvantaged, are likely to be further affected. 

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Our people carrier transports our service users to the groups and activities which we provide – particularly the children and young people of our Young People’s Sensory Service (YPSS). The funding requested would enable us to replace our current people carrier, now seven years old, with a similar but electric vehicle.

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Bonnymuir Green Community Trust exists to provide an inclusive space with a purpose of growing fruit and veg for community use in a sustainable environment. This project will transform an outbuilding into a functional and educational space, delivering requested workshops to all ages of the community, and beyond, on upcycling and fixing household items.

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Help Greyhope Bay be a zero-waste to landfill visitor attraction and keep Aberdeen's favourite dolphin viewing site litter free! Your vote will help upgrade our facility to support our zero-waste ambition that aims to teach better habits to protect our precious marine environment.