Bonnymuir Green

Funding applied for: £4260


Participatory Budgeting Fund

About this project

Bonnymuir Green Community Trust exists to provide an inclusive space with a purpose of growing fruit and veg for community use in a sustainable environment, while supporting biodiversity and net zero carbon energy consumption.   
This project will transform an outbuilding into a functional and educational space, delivering requested workshops to all ages of the community, and beyond, on upcycling and fixing household items.   
With proper insulation we will reduce our energy consumption. Installation of a 9.5kwh battery to store energy from our solar panels will save up to £2,500 per year in energy costs.  
We have had over 20,000 visitors and delivered approximately 6,000 volunteer hours so far this year. Help us keep developing this space to provide the community with a mix of educational and social activities, encouraging fun, good health, wellbeing, and sustainable living. 

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Help Greyhope Bay be a zero-waste to landfill visitor attraction and keep Aberdeen's favourite dolphin viewing site litter free! Your vote will help upgrade our facility to support our zero-waste ambition that aims to teach better habits to protect our precious marine environment.

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The 9th Aberdeen Scout Group is a youth led organisation in the Broomhill area of Aberdeen. Our members are passionate about improving our impact on the climate. They want our Scout Group to head towards Net Zero and be the Scout Group with the lowest climate impact in Aberdeen!

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We are hopeful to purchase an electric minibus for use in the community of Tillydrone. We aim to provide services for vulnerable/disabled adults/children, elderly folks & low income families.