Simeon Care
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Job Title



Simeon Care for the Elderly, Simeon House

Cairnlee Road, Bieldside, Aberdeen  AB15 9BN


To prepare home cooked mid-day meal, and supper for approx. 40 people using locally sourced fresh produce. The Cook on shift has responsibility for the day to day running of the kitchen and the delivery of quality meals to the residents and staff.


Simeon is one of six independent Camphill Charities in the Aberdeen area. We are registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide residential care with nursing for 23 older people. Scottish Charity SC012239

Working time

Full or Part-time;  hours as agreed

Reports to

The General Manager.


Oversee and coordinate the work activities of Kitchen Assistants. Both Simeon Cooks share supervisory duties and are expected to liaise and co-operate to ensure these are carried out.


£12.87 per hour, depending on experience, qualifications and training. Weekend uplift 9%

Other Benefits

Workplace pension, 5.6 weeks annual leave (pro-rata).



Main Areas of Responsibility

Kitchen Duties

  • To prepare lunch, including a vegetarian dish and any special diets for around 40 staff and residents.
  • To prepare a light meal for supper.
  • To prepare home baked goods for tea and celebrations.
  • To prepare fortified deserts and options at meal time
  • To provide for special diets, including texture modified.
  • To respect resident involvement in meal preparations.
  • To leave a clean and tidy kitchen at the end of each day.
  • To follow Cook Safe policy and procedures.
  • Develop and set menu

Supervisory duties (shared between both Simeon Cooks)

  • Food orders (mainly placed online) and stock control
  • Menu planning
  • Ensure daily/ weekly / monthly cleaning tasks are carried out to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the kitchen and larders
  • Organise catering for special events (e.g. Open Day, Christmas, birthdays)
  • Accountable for Environmental Health Inspections 

Teamwork, Communication, Health and Safety

  • Liaise with other Simeon Cook.
  • Liaise with the Team Leader/Nurse on shift.
  • Supervise the kitchen assistant on shift, ensure information is communicated and delegate tasks for the day.
  • Maintain a high standard of cleanliness and food hygiene.
  • Follow ecological waste disposal of food packaging and food waste.
  • Follow ecological and environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Comply with all Health and Safety regulations to ensure a safe working environment.

This does not represent an exhaustive list of responsibilities and tasks but indicates the main responsibilities required from the employees in the role. Simeon reserves the right to require employees to perform other duties from time to time.


To take part in training courses as required.


As the role involves working in an environment with vulnerable people PVG membership is required for this post.  If you are not a PVG member, you will need to apply for membership before you can work at Simeon.

Other requirements

A degree of flexibility is needed. You may occasionally need to perform work not specifically referred to above to support the house and residents. The need to do such duties will be reasonable and as agreed between the post holder and the manager






Education and Qualifications

Elementary food hygiene certificate.

S/NVQ in Catering or equivalent.

Skills / Aptitude / Abilities


Satisfactory computer skills, and experience in ordering food/kitchen supplies


Able to produce simple but creative and well-presented dishes.


Ability to take initiative.


Able to work with others from varied cultural / spiritual backgrounds.


Good communication skills.


Open to feedback and able to respond to residents’ requests and preferences.


Ability to supervise and direct others.

Experience in online ordering of food/kitchen supplies


Understanding nutritional needs of older people.


Understanding of swallowing difficulties and food textures.


A basic knowledge of dietary needs.

“Cook Safe” – Food Standards Scotland


Understanding of Camphill.


Cooking or catering for small groups.

Experience as a cook in a busy kitchen or care home.

Personal Attributes

Enthusiastic about cooking.




Flexible and cooperative.



To apply, please email your CV to Chris Hatton at

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Other Vacanies 

Area Services Coordinator (South Aberdeenshire)

Area Services Coordinator (South Aberdeenshire)


The Area Services Coordinator post is an exciting and varied leadership role with a focus on ensuring Clan’s support centre in Banchory is accessible and welcoming to those who have been affected by cancer. The Area Services Coordinator will be required to take an innovative approach to service delivery, to overcome the challenges of covering a diverse geographical region and show initiative in planning how those in remote, rural and isolated parts of Aberdeenshire will access Clan’s services in different and effective ways. As well as being skilled at working directly with people affected by cancer and managing the development of the area, the Area Services Coordinator also requires having excellent networking skills in order to engage and nurture relationships with local businesses, the community and supporters of Clan from a fundraising perspective.

Activities Support Worker

Activities Support Worker


We believe the whole of a person’s life has significance, meaning and purpose. Our aim is to provide a home where the older person can find security through care and support that upholds their dignity, identity and autonomy. A sense of home and belonging, companionship, meeting individual needs, and sharing responsibility for the well-being of the whole community is central to our philosophy of care.

Simeon House is a purpose built care home for 23 residents. All bedrooms have ensuite facilities, and enjoy direct access to, or views of our gardens.

Activities Support Worker

Homemaking & Laundry Assistant


Simeon House is a purpose built care home for 23 residents. All bedrooms have ensuite facilities, and enjoy direct access to, or views of our gardens.

The Homemaking Team works closely with all the other teams in Simeon to help create a warm and welcoming community. Taking care of and showing respect for the residents’ personal belongings and their rooms is very important to them, especially as most decorate their room with precious mementos of their long lives.

Activities Support Worker

Care and Support Worker 


Join the Simeone Care team as a Care and Support Worker to provide care and ensure homes of residents are kept clean, tidy and welcoming at all times.

Simeon is one of six independent Camphill Charities in the Aberdeen area. We are registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide residential care with nursing for 23 residents.

The Care and support worker will be expected to Provide personal care and support with reference to individual care plans