Greyhope Bay:

Clean beach, happy people

Greyhope Bay, a charitable organisation based in Aberdeen not only offer dolphin watching from their café and community space at Torry Battery but also provide the opportunity for volunteers to come together to clean the coasts with their ‘Clean Beach Happy People’ project.

Working in partnership with East Grampian Coastal Partnership – Turning the Plastic Tide, members of the public are invited to spend a couple of hours together clearing litter from the coastline that surrounds the Greyhope Bay Centre with a special focus on enjoying the positive effects of time well spent in the great outdoors.

The beach cleaning programme received support from the Scottish Government’s Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund which was distributed in Aberdeen by ACVO. As well as bringing benefit to the natural environment, Turning the Plastic Tide has done extensive evaluations of supported beach cleaning and have concluded that one of the top take-aways from the experience of beach cleaning as a group is a sense of wellbeing and positive mental outlook from purposeful activity and community connection.

Want to volunteer?

Find out more about the work of Greyhope Bay and how you can volunteer to take part in ‘Clean Beach, Happy People’ at