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Mar 1, 2023

Volunteer Drivers (CIS Project)

North East Sensory Services

Branch Publicity Coordinator

SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity (Grampian Branch)

Black Barley Study Volunteers

The Rowett Institute

Volunteer update Mar 1st 2023 – opportunities from North East Sensory Services, SSAFA and The Rowett Institute

Give back to your community with this weeks’ volunteering opportunities from Volunteer Aberdeen!

Help older people with sight and hearing loss attend social groups in the city by becoming a driver with North East Sensory Services; raise SSAFA’s profile in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray as a volunteer publicity officer; or assist in evaluating the potential of a new barley to reduce blood glucose and support people at risk of or living with type 2 diabetes with the latest nutrition study from The Rowett Institute.

No matter what your interests, age or availability there will be a volunteer opportunity suited to you!

There really is no better way to get involved with your community than to give your time and share your skills with your city’s third sector and community organisations. And, if these opportunities don’t suit your interests, don’t worry. There are hundreds more available to browse at and on the ACVO site at

If you have questions about volunteering in Aberdeen or how to involve volunteers with your organisation, contact our Volunteering Services Manager, Mike Melvin at

Volunteer Drivers (CIS Project)

North East Sensory Services

North East Sensory Services (NESS) are looking for an enthusiastic person(s) to work with them in their CIS (Connect Include Support) service assisting members to get to and from their groups to enable participation in the group activities offered by the organisation. CIS is a support service for older people with hearing and sight loss and we provide social group opportunities across Aberdeen City.

Currently NESS supports over 6,500 people with sensory loss throughout Aberdeen, Moray, Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire and provides vital help, advice, support and social networks.

Interested in supporting NESS in their vision of realising a Scotland aware of the needs of people with sensory impairment, that includes them as equal participants in community life and offers them the opportunities available to all?

Then please contact Sheila at email: or telephone: 0345271234 for more information!

Branch Publicity Coordinator

SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity (Grampian Branch)

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is a trusted source of support for serving personnel, veterans and their families in their time of need. As part of this we have great volunteer opportunities for people to help. This includes assisting as a Volunteer Branch Publicity Coordinator for SSAFA Grampian:

Role – Volunteer Branch Publicity Coordinator for SSAFA Grampian

Could you raise SSAFA’s profile in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray? You don’t need a military background, just the ability to get on with all kinds of people, some basic I.T skills and good written and spoken English. If so, this role could be for you!

What is a Publicity Coordinator?

As Publicity Coordinator you would work with SSAFA Grampian to develop a Publicity Plan. You would be central to delivering this local plan to raise awareness of SSAFA to potential clients, volunteers and funders.

Why do we need you in SSAFA Grampian?

We’ve been supporting the Armed Forces community for more than 130 years. We’d love the general public to understand what we do and how they can help us. We need to recruit volunteers that reflect our local communities and raise money to fund our work. We need you to help us get the SSAFA message out!

When would you be needed and where would you be based?

This role would suit someone looking to give a regular time commitment to SSAFA, although when and where would be flexible to suit you.

What would you be doing?

  • Working with the Branch Chair to develop a Publicity Plan to keep SSAFA Grampian’s profile high in the local area
  • Publicising SSAFA events and those where SSAFA will be represented
  • Work with Marketing/PR staff at central office to develop case studies of clients and volunteers
  • Developing and maintaining networks with local press, TV and radio outlets through providing press releases, interviews, case studies etc
  • Working with the Digital Team at Central Office and Grampian’s Digital Marketing Manager to develop and maintain a local on-line presence for the branch via a website and social media channels

What can you gain from this volunteering role?

  • Use your skills, knowledge and life experience to benefit others
  • Support from your local SSAFA branch and the wider SSAFA community
  • Experience, training and skills that you can highlight on your CV and in job interviews
  • Better physical and mental health – studies show that volunteers live longer and experience lower levels of stress and depression!

If you wish to volunteer/for further details please contact Julie Silva (Branch Secretary, Grampian) at email: or telephone: 07879846200.

Black Barley Study Volunteers

The Rowett Institute

The Rowett Institute are evaluating the potential of a new barley to reduce blood glucose and support people at risk of or living with type 2 diabetes. They are recruiting healthy men and women aged 18+ to take part in this study. If eligible after screening, you will be asked to consume wheat and barley breads on three visits to the Rowett Institute. Volunteer parking is available for participant use while in the Rowett.

What is the purpose of this study?

There is lots of scientific evidence that eating wholegrain cereals such as barley can protect against disorders such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. This may be due to a carbohydrate called beta-glucan, which has been shown to lower cholesterol. In this study we will look to see if a specifically bred barley, rich in beta-glucan and compounds called phytochemicals (“phyto” means “plant”), can also reduce glucose in your blood, which is another risk factor for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The barley cereal we are studying may also be beneficial to the environment compared to other cereals grown in Scotland.

If interested/for more details please contact:  Dinka Rees at email: / telephone 01224 438758 or Wendy Russell at email: / telephone: 01224 438777.

More information regarding this and further volunteer studies is also available at:

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