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ACVO News November 2023

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Jan 16, 2023

The Breadmaker to Host Bingo Fundraising Night on January 28th

The Breadmaker’s committee that is made up by the apprentices are holding a fundraiser to support the apprentices and services essential equipment within the bakery and cafe. That allows them to have great opportunities of personal development.

The committee took control and decided as a group the activity they would like to hold with the support of the management from Breadmaker. Thus, is to participate in improving the service to allow apprentices to gain further opportunities to establish new and develop current skills that they have. Empowers the apprentices to build independence and give back to wider community at the same by building their social networks and show off their capabilities.

The night will follow with activities such as:

  • Rounds of bingo!
  • Many raffles with great prizes!
  • A supper: choice of fish/ scampi or chicken fillets and chips
  • Socialise with the apprentices that are behind of making the goods in the Breadmaker and organising the fundraiser!

Date: Saturday 28th January
Location: Ashvale Great Western Road

Duration: 7pm till 10pm

Price: £16

Why not come along to a night of fun bingo, food, prize draws and great company with the apprentices!

To find further information on the Breadmaker you can visit the website in the link below:

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