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Aug 18, 2023

Alcohol and Drugs Action Annual Plant Sale in Aberdeen: a green fundraiser for a vital cause

Garden enthusiasts, eco-conscious shoppers, and supporters of the vital work done by Alcohol and Drugs Action are invited to mark their calendars for ADA’s annual plant sale

For those with a penchant for plants, the ADA plant sale once again promises a fantastic opportunity to stock up on locally grown green produce and attendees will find a stunning array of both indoor and outdoor plants available for purchase. From vibrant blooms to lush greens, the diverse selection caters to all types of garden aesthetics.

What sets this sale apart is not just the chance to choose some new plants from the diverse selection, but the purpose behind it – all proceeds from the plant sale go towards supporting the invaluable work carried out by the charity Alcohol and Drugs Action.

ADA has been at the forefront of addressing issues related to substance misuse, providing support, education, and rehabilitation services to individuals and families affected by addiction in the North East of Scotland. By participating in the plant sale, attendees are not only enhancing their gardens but contributing directly to a cause that impacts lives.

Find out more about the work of ADA at

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 10 am – 1 pm

Location: Grove Nurseries, Just off Hazledene Road, AB15 8LD, Aberdeen

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