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Sep 7, 2023

Absafe – The Board Game: North East charity launch crowdfunder campaign

Local charity, Absafe, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their latest life-saving project; Absafe – The Board Game!

The campaign went live on 22nd of August 2023 and will remain open for 60 days, until the 22nd October 2023. Absafe are aiming to raise £4750 to fund the production of the first batch of their game and are reaching out to the business community in Aberdeen to ask for their support on this project.

Absafe, use a variety of engaging and fun methods to educate and empower young people to keep themselves safe. They teach all things health and safety, from road and water safety, to cyber security and mental wellbeing, with the aim of preventing accidents, reducing crime and promoting mental health within their community. This is normally done from the Absafe Community Hub but in order to reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact, the Absafe team are designing and producing a series of board games; the first of this series is the Water Edition!

“Absafe – Water Edition” involves a day at the beach; players must navigate their way to the end of the beach day, the first player to the end wins – simple right? Not quite! They must complete a series of tasks, avoid hazards, make good decisions, spot objects, and answer trivia questions to make it through the day – but they should watch out, “red zone” behaviour might leave them back where they started. 

The game has four card types – “Behaviour”, “Emotion”, “Task” and “Trivia”. Meaning it covers a HUGE range of facts and tips to stay safe in and around water. It allows young people to see how some behaviours can be risky, and offers examples of positive behaviours they can partake in instead. It also delves into mental wellbeing; it gives relatable examples of how emotions can lead us to make decisions, or behave in way we normally wouldn’t and how we can manage these. And of course, the addition of the task cards brings a bit of physicality, suspense and FUN to the game. Think of a Trivial Pursuit, Snakes & Ladders and Where’s Wally amalgamation, this is it!

Absafe have decided to focus on water safety for their first edition as drowning in the UK accounts for more accidental fatalities annually than fire deaths in the home, or cycling deaths on the road. Is among the ten leading causes of death for children aged 5-14, and globally claims the lives of 372,000 people each year! Drowning is a serious, and neglected global health issue. Absafe want to tackle it by educating children from as young as possible about the risks of water, so they grow up with an appreciation of the dangers and a respect for water. And they need your help!

What do you think? Is a young person’s life worth supporting?

Visit the Indiegogo campaign page at to support the project!

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