The Project Zen

The Project Zen is here for the health of the environment and for the health of you and me.

Through creative activities, workshops, various events and plants, we aim to encourage individuals and groups to improve their own wellbeing and that of friends and family.

How we will do this is through providing various services such as plant
installation, working with employers and individuals to assess available spaces in the workplace or at home, by offering house plant care training; even relax and unwind sessions through art and plants.

The immediate and wider environment is important to us with ‘Reuse, Upcycle and Recycle’ as an important mantra to what we do and how we do it. The Project Zen wants to have as small an impact on the environment as we can and we want to encourage this at work and in the home.

In addition to this we will use our profits to provide a similar service free of charge or heavily discounted to people living and working in areas of deprivation and other disadvantaged groups.