Sunrise Partnership SCIO

When your family experiences a significant loss or bereavement you want to know that your children are getting the help they need.  You may not know where to turn. What do they need? What should I say? What should I do? Who can help us get through this emotional maze? Sunrise Partnership has the expertise, passion and tools to help you and your children.

Sunrise Partnership is a small, local charity working in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. We provide free, therapeutic confidential support for children and young people up to age 18. There is no waiting list, support continues for as long as it is required and we travel to meet the child or young person in a setting they feel comfortable in. All our support staff are qualified and experienced in loss work and have PVG membership.

We deliver free, confidential support in direct 1:1 sessions and we also offer group work either as a day-long Loss Day Session or a ‘Seasons for Growth’ group.

Our approach is flexible and support is tailored to the individual’s age, personality and circumstances. We do not hold a waiting list, the number of sessions is not limited and we travel to meet with the child/young person.

When we first meet children they are trying to cope with intense emotions, they may be struggling at school and often have intrusive sad memories.

Sunrise helps them to tell their story from their perspective, to make sense of what has happened, to explore and understand their emotions and to develop coping strategies they can use both now and into the future.

Sunrise Partnership
2 Poynernook Rd,
Aberdeen AB11 5RW