Open Road Ltd

We believe that culture and creativity inspired by people and place transforms lives.

Our mission is to be a creative, entrepreneurial organisation rooted in North East Scotland (‘the North’), but with a global vision: using arts, culture, heritage and the natural landscape to contribute towards health and wellbeing, tourism and environmental sustainability.

Our passion is to tell stories and help you tell yours. We achieve this through our own events, cultural projects, productions, community work and talent development, and we can help you with yours. We can produce large scale national productions, as well as guide your community through storytelling projects of the past, present and possible futures. We’re also here to offer advice, mentoring and training.

We are experienced in producing creative projects. Our track records includes complex community and heritage focused projects. The skills we bring to this work include building teams, contracting, managing cash flow, safeguarding and child protection, health and safety, and diversity and inclusion. We pride ourselves on delivering on time and to budget.

Our track record includes sourcing financing and funding for one off projects, knowledge exchange, innovation and organisational development. We can do this for a single project or work with you to create a wider development plan of action and intent. We bring short, medium and long term perspectives to each organisation, strategy and project we work with, ensuring the detail of the here and now is covered while the impacts of legacy considered. 

Studio 10
The Anatomy Rooms
Shoe Lane
Aberdeen, AB10 1AN