NESCAN Hub is the North East of Scotland Communities information, education and collaboration hub helping you to mitigate and adapt to climate change through dedicated training, help and support.

NESCAN (North East Climate Action Network) Hub is a regional community climate action support hub, fully funded by the Scottish Government. The Network, and later the Hub, was created by a wide network of community climate action groups in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire in 2020/21.

Our vision

A sustainable North East Scotland, with connected, empowered, active communities at its heart.

Our aims

To support and develop community led climate action throughout Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire.

To support communities to be a part of a just transition to a sustainable North East Scotland, contributing to local, regional and national policy setting & decision making.

Our objectives

  • To develop community resilience, knowledge, skills & expertise in climate change & related action
  • To empower communities and assist them in the design, development & deliver of climate projects
  • To signpost to other organisations & agencies who can offer support & funding to communities
  • To map, celebrate & prompt replication of local community led climate action projects
  • To grow the NESCAN network enabling further peer support & development of knowledge
  • To link into relevant local, regional & national initiatives & networks and develop partnerships to further support community led climate action

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