Donside Village Community

A community organisation based in Donside, Aberdeen.

Donside is a relatively new village on the site of the former Donside Papermill. It is a sustainable community nestled on the banks of the River Don. It’s strengths are its heritage, location, homes, greenspace, river, wildlife and most of all its thriving community.

The DVC was set up as the Donside Community Association in February 2013 and changed our name to Donside Village Community SCIO in November 2016 when we became a charity.

Our aim is to act in the best interest of the residents of Donside Village. It’s made up of representatives from the Village. These reps take on roles and responsibilities to develop Donside and its community. This is achieved through site improvements and the organisation of events and activities designed to bring the community together as it grows and new people settle into the area. It aims to act as a voice for Donside at a local level through involvement and engagement with local networks, Community Councils and other partner agencies including the Scottish Police Service, Absafe/Neighbourhood Watch as well as acting as a conduit between the occupants and Tenants First/Sanctuary.

Become a Member of the DVC. It’s FREE. And, you’ll be helping us to make Donside Village a better, safer and stronger community. You can join online by filling out the Google form here: The more members we have, the more people we really represent and can communicate with. And, the more we can justify asking for funding to improve the facilities, amenities and activities in Donside.



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