Apex Scotland

Apex Scotland’s work is about reducing re-offending, promoting desistance, tackling deprivation and making communities safer. In all that we do, we make best use of our resources to bring lasting value to individuals and society.

Whatever their background or circumstances, we want to ensure that those who are at risk of (re)offendingare given the education, support and opportunities they need to change their behaviour, become effective citizens and lead fulfilling lives.

We understand that there are many reasons why people get involved in crime. Often the people who use our services have been both the victims and perpetrators of crime. Their needs are both complex and varied and we believe that each person should receive the service that is best for them. Our staff are committed to engaging with the people they work with, helping them to progress through the areas in their lives which, at that time, require more support and guidance towards a positive destination.

We are a vital partner, with public, private and voluntary sector agencies, in preventing crime. We recognise that all agencies need to work much more efficiently to maximise opportunities and have been pro-active in progressing this agenda. We currently have a number of partnership services across the country including Shine, New Routes and Inclusion Plus. 

We adhere to a clear set of core values that inform all our activities. These are:


We believe in a fairer society where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We will treat others fairly and honestly, be non-judgemental and value the contribution they can make.


We recognise the importance of inclusiveness and treating people as individuals. We will ensure that everybody’s needs and requirements are understood and responded to within employment practice and service design and delivery.


Our principles are at the heart of what we do. We will demonstrate fairness, honesty, transparency and trust in all our dealings with staff, service users and partners.


We believe in achieving the best in all that we do. We will continuously seek to improve by developing our monitoring and evaluation processes and listening to and learning from our staff, service users and partners.


We believe in adapting to change with enthusiasm and creativity. We will create and deliver services that test new ideas and approaches and keep us at the forefront of early intervention as well as criminal justice thinking.


 We believe that purposeful and meaningful activity significantly reduces the likelihood of a person (re)offending by increasing their financial security, their sense of self-worth, dignity and social integration.

 In addition to our values we agree with the nine National Offender Outcomes framework produced by the Scottish Government and look to ensure that all our activity connects with, and complements, the principles laid out in that document. All service outcomes and activity are linked to the National Offender Outcomes format to demonstrate our commitment to partnering Scottish Government in achieving a fair and just society which promotes social inclusion and good citizenship.

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