Alcohol & Drugs Action

Alcohol & Drugs Action (ADA) is a registered Scottish charity and company limited by guarantee with the remit to provide advice, information and targeted interventions on all alcohol and drug-related issues in Aberdeen city and shire.

Since our formation in 1986, ADA has made a significant contribution to the development and delivery of services to those affected by alcohol and/or drug use; individuals, families and friends. Our experienced, professional staff have years of experience in the alcohol and drugs field and we are supported by volunteers, including service users, to provide a wide range of services targeted at harm reduction, stability, support and recovery. We also deliver training at local and national levels, and are regularly invited to present at conferences and contribute to national working groups.

Our mission

Alcohol & Drugs Action will be a highly respected, high quality provider of a range of services focused on substance use, collaborating with its partners, including its service-users, volunteers and local communities, to provide evidence-based interventions across the full spectrum of the ‘recovery journey’. By providing harm reduction and tailored holistic support to the individual irrespective of their starting point within that journey, we ensure that our service provision is flexible, accessible, timely and person-centred.

Our core values

People First

We will work with individuals wherever they are to support them to wherever they need to be, with emphasis on our core message of reducing harm and enabling recovery. We will recognise the strengths and assets of those we work with and treat people with dignity, compassion and respect.


We embrace a learning culture and actively include our Board members, staff, service-users and volunteers in continuous learning and development. We will continually evaluate our work and develop our practice and services to be flexible to meet emerging needs, as and when they arise.


We will work closely with those who align with our philosophy and values. In all our relationships we will seek to add value to our objectives and outcomes

Accountability, Transparency & Integrity

We will use our quality systems to manage resources to support the further development of both people and services. We will work to ensure our services have the appropriate financial support, and ensure that this support is ethical and sustainable. We will ensure our values are measurable by holding ourselves to account through rigorous external and self-evaluation processes.

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Alcohol & Drugs Action (ADA),

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