Aberdeen for a Fairer World

Aberdeen for a Fairer World (AFW) is a registered Scottish Charity SC014585, located in Aberdeen. We work throughout the North East of Scotland to support sustainable development and promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

AFW is a charity which works in the areas of sustainable development, education and global justice.  It is therefore essential that all our staff, trustees and volunteers act in ways which are ethical, sustainable, respectful and legal.

At AFW we want our staff, trustees and volunteers to be passionate about what they do and creative in how they go about it.  We want to learn from and with each other, valuing both the work we are involved in and those we are working with.  When you work for or with AFW you should have a strong sense of:

  • work which is impactful, high quality, ethical and sustainable
  • an environment which is open, purposeful, supportive and respectful
  • relationships which promote equality, diversity and fairness and which oppose all forms of harassment, bullying, discrimination and intimidation

The views of all who work for and with AFW are equally valid and valued.  Our staff, trustees and volunteers should be able to express their views and be supported in their work.  They should be able to show creativity and initiative when they are leading initiatives and when supporting others as a member of a team.  They should strive to achieve a healthy life/work balance and, in relation to the work aspect, they should ensure there is balance between task completion/delivery and personal development/learning.

45 Victoria Street

Aberdeen, AB10 1UX