Aberdeen Cyrenians

Aberdeen Cyrenians work continuously to shift perceptions and change the outlook on homelessness and vulnerability in society

First started by Aberdeen University students as a soup kitchen, Aberdeen Cyrenians now put the needs of North East Scotland’s most vulnerable and socially excluded people first — leading at the frontline of service, care and influence for 50+ years.

From these beginnings, Aberdeen Cyrenians has grown into a cornerstone of Aberdeen, supporting the most vulnerable people in our city facing crisis, trauma, addiction, homelessness, and isolation.

Aberdeen Cyrenians work continuously to shift perceptions and change the outlook on homelessness and vulnerability in society — the reality often differs drastically from the ‘labels’ that people use when thinking of those who need support. Not accepting the current perception of homelessness is something that underpins Aberdeen Cyrenians’ work and how they communicate. Their approach puts the reality of these situations front and centre.

This reality reminds us that anyone can find themselves in difficulty, and Aberdeen Cyrenians exist to support anyone and everyone — whether they’re living on the street, at high financial risk, in an abusive living situation, struggling with mental health issues, struggling with substance addiction or involved in the justice system. Their core values support a mission that prioritises close assistance, unique care and standing steadfastly by people in the midst of their most vulnerable moments. They don’t stand in judgement or place themselves above their service users.

It’s the passion and integrity of Aberdeen Cyrenians that makes them a formidable force against homelessness, abuse, violence and social exclusion — they make a life-changing difference when working alongside the people who need their support the most.

The journey of Aberdeen Cyrenians is one of firsts. Aberdeen Cyrenians put the needs of North-East Scotland’s most vulnerable and socially excluded people first leading at the frontline of service, care and influence for 50+ years. We lead from the front line of service, care and influence.

We will continue to be first to stand up against homelessness, abuse, violence, social exclusion and other crisis.

As a local independent charity, we work in partnership with a wide range of local organisations and collaborate with other similar organisations in a national forum.

To find out more about what we do click on the menu to see information about our Community & Outreach support services, our Supported Accommodation services and our Pathfinder project: Housing First, pioneering a new approach to supporting those with multiple complex issues.

62 Summer Street,

Aberdeen, AB10 1SD