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Charles Hayward Foundation – Social & Criminal Justice

Funding available: £15,000-£25,000

Applications close: 31/01/2025

About this fund

We fund early intervention programmes with young children and their families, tailored preventative work with young people at risk, and holistic support services aimed at reducing re-offending and aiding re-settlement.

The Foundation also looks to alleviate the consequences of domestic abuse and criminal exploitation of vulnerable persons.

If you are a UK registered charity and have an annual income of between £350,000 and £4,000,000 you may submit an application under our main grant programme. Please note we are unlikely to make a grant to large charities which have endowments, make grants themselves, hold large reserves and/or have substantial contractual arrangements with the government.

– Targeted early intervention programmes aimed at reaching the most troubled and vulnerable families in a community.
– Preventative and diversionary projects for young people at risk of offending including tailored interventions identifying and addressing the particular needs of girls and young women.
– Programmes, particularly those with a focus on young offenders, combining prison based and community interventions dealing with rehabilitation of offenders, accommodation and support on release, helping with maintaining family relationships, mentoring, and mapping and creating pathways to employment.
– Schemes offering viable alternatives to custody, in particular for women and young people.
– Programmes of support directed towards rehabilitating the victims of domestic abuse and criminal exploitation.

– The trustees look for a holistic approach addressing multiple and complex needs with a range of appropriate interventions.
– They like to see programmes tailored to individual needs and local situations involving families and communities; these can be designed and delivered in partnership.
– The Foundation is open to creative and specialist approaches and trialling new solutions.
– Programmes should be of appropriate duration and intensity, have a clear rationale and be properly monitored and evaluated.
– There should be a plan for the future, including an ‘exit strategy’.

– Policy and research
– Short term interventions
– Trips and youth volunteering
– Uniformed organisations
– Generic youth programmes
– Capital projects

The trustees will fund projects over one to three years with grants of £15,000 – £25,000 per annum.
They may invest up to £25,000 in a pilot project, if it addresses complex problems in an innovative way and may lead to replication if proven effective.

Please submit a proposal (no more than four A4 pages in length) by email and include the following information:

– Charity name and location: The official name of your organisation and its location.
– Contact details: Give your name and position within the organisation, contact telephone number, email and postal address.
– Description of the charity: Provide a description of your present work and the priorities you are addressing. Quantify the scale of your operation – how many people do you help and how?
– Description of the proposed project: Describe the project you are undertaking, detailing the number of people and groups who will benefit and how.
– Project outcomes: Please describe the project’s expected outputs and outcomes and how you will undertake monitoring and evaluation.
– Project cost: Please provide a budget giving a breakdown of the project costs.
– Funds raised and pledged: Give a breakdown of the funds raised to date towards the project budget. Include the amount of any of your own funds or reserves going towards the project, and any money you intend to borrow.
– Outstanding shortfall: Specify the amount of money you still need to raise.
– Timetable: State the timetable for the project; when it will start and be finished.
– Accounts: Include one set of your latest accounts, annual report if available, and a list of your trustees if these are not referenced in the accounts. If your accounts show a significant surplus or deficit, high or low reserves, please explain this briefly. If your accounts are more than 12 months old, please provide draft/management accounts for the most recent financial year.

Looking for support with funding?

Identifying funding opportunities and writing grant applications can seem overwhelming, especially when the future sustainability of your group is dependent on gaining funding support. 

Our supportive Funding Officer, Claire Shaw, can help your organisation with every step of the funding application process, from carrying out funding searches to proofreading your application.

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Charles Hayward Foundation – Social & Criminal Justice

Charles Hayward Foundation

Funding available: £15,000-£25,000

Applications close: 31/01/2025

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