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One Seed Forward

ACVO Profile | Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

November 2021

People in communities all around Scotland have an important part to play in tackling climate change.

By making changes to how we travel, what we buy, reducing our waste and changing how we use energy at home, we can help to reach net zero emissions by 2045.

Aberdeen based voluntary organisation, One Seed Forward, have been making a positive impact on the climate since 2017 through their plant biodiversity and education programmes.

One Seed Forward gives away free seeds, seedlings and plants to schools, community groups and the public in the North-East of Scotland.

All they ask in return is for growers to share some of their crop with family, friends and neighbours or to use some of the crop for cooking at community events, or as donations to foodbanks. By doing this, as many people as possible can enjoy the taste of newly grown, fresh fruit and vegetables.