Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 2 Awardee

The BPD Toolbox Recovery Course

Type of initiative funded: Mentoring


Key priority area: Prevention


Funding awarded: £2000


Project description:

BPD is currently piloting the first official BPD Toolbox Recovery course at Credo Cafe. It was created by peers with lived-in experience of borderline personality disorder for peers and is our proudest project the charity has created so far! At BPD Support, we truly believe that knowledge is power! Our recovery course is a 20-week course to help people with BPD to take back control of their life from this devastating disorder. One of our community members who has a teaching background will be leading this project as Group facilitator. The course’s main goal is to educate and empower the BPD community member by building awareness about the disorder and showing them a range of tools to use to manage the disorder. The tools used in the sessions come from a range of different sources including anxiety and stress management, mindfulness, many different psychology tools, communication skills, self-esteem and confidence. There is also a support group every two weeks to run along with the course for those that need that extra support while going through their BPD recovery journey. We believe that this BPD Toolbox Recovery Course can have a direct effect on improving mental wellbeing, encouraging one to staying well and safe. The grant will pay for operational costs and room hire for 12 months.