Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Growing Healthy - Veg Garden Development

Type of initiative funded: Food


Funding awarded: £8050


Project description:

The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) is a successful community project collecting and selling excess produce from allotment sites across Aberdeen city. In 2020 we piloted growing some produce ourselves in a bed allocated by the local council. This was successful, with volunteers producing over 100kg of potatoes which we sold at our stalls. The proposed activity is now to build on this by cultivating a new much larger plot (measuring about 2000m2) that we have been allocated. The funding will help with the development of this new plot. We plan to have team of volunteers who will practice healthy garden skills. Coming together in a safe outdoor environment they will learn how to look after the soil and tend the plants and wildlife and be involved in garden construction and maintenance. We will hold community days, gardening classes and cooking demonstrations. Some of the produce grown in the plot will be available for volunteer use, some sold with the aim to make the project financially sustainable longer term. We also donate a proportion to local food banks.