Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 3 Awardee

Parents Cafe for parents with additional needs children

Type of initiative funded: Group Activity


Key priority area: Addressing poverty & inequality


Funding awarded: £8550


Project description:

Parents benefited greatly from the relaxation therapy sessions and workshops held with the help of year1 MH grant. From the feedback of these sessions parents will like a parents group where they can share experience and encouragement or support from other parents who have similar lived experiences. Parents also indicated they would like another sessions of mental health workshops which will serve as a short respite for them while some one else cares for their disabled children. Due to the poverty experienced, parents would like to be supported with essential living vouchers. Therefore, the grants will be used to run our biweekly parent cafe where parents can meet and support one another, enjoy recreational activities together, laugh and have fun. Provide mental health workshops where parents can learn how to help themselves in the state of exhaustion, depression, understanding where to seek for medical , financial help to avoid drifting into mental health challenges. The grant will also be used for alleviating poverty by supplying one-off food vouchers.