Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Main Service support to Individuals and Group

Type of initiative funded: One to one


Key priority area: Suicide prevention


Funding awarded: £32776


Project description:

The project will involve employing a sexual violence support worker to offer trauma informed emotional support to survivors of sexual violence. The worker will be trained in trauma informed practice and suicide intervention skills and will be able to provide 50 minutes of tailored, compassionate support for 20 survivors who live in Aberdeen per week as well as deliver support to a group of survivors thereby offering an additional 12 people per week a safe place to talk and meet others thereby reducing social isolation in the community. Having this funding will give us the opportunity to expand our support offering to survivors of sexual abuse and improve their waiting time until support becomes available. On receipt of a referral, we contact Survivors within 48 hours and arrange an initial session to make an assessment of their needs and priority for support. Priority is given to those who have recently been assaulted and/or those with other presenting factors which put them at greater risk, such as Mental Health issues or Suicidal ideation.