Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 3 Awardee

No Place Like Home

Type of initiative funded: One to one


Key priority area: Addressing poverty & inequality


Funding awarded: £13247


Project description:

Many users of our project are in housing which no longer meets their mobility needs due to a gradual deteriorating health. This results in frustration and social isolation as they may no longer be able to get out into their local community. Example – someone in a wheel chair cannot manoeuvre stairs. Part of our work involves delayed discharge of patients from hospitals across Aberdeen and in the 2022-23 review period we assisted 44 patients out of hospital beds and back home or into intermediate care. Those who remain in hospital following completion of their medical care experience frustration when there is no care package in place to allow them to return home, creating social isolation for the individual. Studies indicate patients recover more quickly in an environment where they feel safe – their own home – with family members around to ensure they do not feel socially isolated. Advice offered by DPHS staff ensures disabled people are adequately housed and not disadvantaged due to unsuitable housing conditions or lack of adaptations to their current home.