Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Your Mental Health Counts

Type of initiative funded: Group Activity


Key priority area: Prevention


Funding awarded: £32183


Project description:

The need for high quality, relevant and relatable Mental Health Awareness training in local workplaces and within local communities has never been greater. It is also highly relevant and indisputable that each city or area in Scotland has its own unique mix of language, history, geography and socio-economic factors that should be celebrated and not subject to a one size fits all approach. As such, our recent experience points very strongly towards the creation of an unashamedly Aberdeen-centric Mental Health Awareness Training Programme. This would be delivered by MHA using their significant local experience, would have a strong local bias and would mostly be delivered from MHA’s new training suite which is easily accessible right in the centre of Union Street and could also be delivered on site within the local communities. MHA will develop a range of high-quality, lunch learn and one and two-day courses that will be delivered free to local third sector organisations and their volunteer base whose role it is to provide support to the most vulnerable in our community over an initial 12-month period. The courses will be delivered by local people with extensive lived experience that is especially relatable to those receiving the training.