Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Mastrick Community Centre - Parent & Toddlers

Type of initiative funded: Group Activity


Funding awarded: £3950


Project description:

Many parents in our community have been struggling with small children/babies and being stuck at home. These children have very little social skills due to lack of outside interaction. Parents have struggled with the various lockdowns and isolation periods. They haven't been able to meet other mums/parents and share stories or interact, even have that brief respite as their child plays with other children in a social setting. The aim of the project is for Volunteers to run the sessions and encourage the parents to get involved with their children. As well as building social skills and confidence in the children we hope for the parents it will help to rebuild confidence and lessen anxiety as well as benefit their mental health and wellbeing by enjoying play activities with their child, creating a better healthier stronger bond.