Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Social Integration Support for Autistic community in Aberdeen

Type of initiative funded: One to one


Funding awarded: £44880


Project description:

Funding will enable us to implement two new services this year, both of which are desperately needed for the Autistic community in Aberdeen. Support Group for Adults -This support group will meet once a week in our premises and provide an opportunity for adults who are touched by autism to meet in a friendly, calm environment. Social interaction for those with autism can be extremely difficult and cause complex problems for the individual. Being able to mix socially in the knowledge they won't be judged or thought of as 'strange' or 'weird', as is so often the case in the wider community, will enable those in the group to have a social event to look forward to and attend each week thereby reducing their isolation and loneliness. The support group will be led by a support worker who specialises in autism and who is therefore able to provide informed answers to the various questions and scenarios as presented by those in the group.