Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 3 Awardee

“GOALS” – Gaining Opportunities and Learning Skills


Key priority area: Addressing poverty & inequality


Funding awarded: £14544


Project description:

GOALS will engage with Individuals from across the priority areas of Aberdeen, providing them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, manage household budgets, improve self-esteem, build confidence, and improve social contacts through removing barriers to accessing activities. Engagement will be through Community Growing – If successful we will have a trained staff member to engage with people to increase opportunities and provide training so people can learn to grow produce and at the same time, bring communities and people together. This will include the expansion and development of community gardens and, also to develop and establish home-growing through the free provision of growing kits for those who may be unable to access spaces due to immobility and other health issues impacting on engaging in social activities. We will develop and engage with sheltered housing complexes and those living in housing where access to growing is difficult due to location and financial constraints e.g., travel to community garden spaces. An event will be held to bring participants together. Through engagement, participants will also receive information on how to access CFINE’s other support services e.g., SAFE support, mental health support, cooking and the full range of other services CFINE provides.