Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 2 Awardee

Gender Equality


Key priority area: Early intervention


Funding awarded: £2000


Project description:

Arriving in Scotland is a massive cultural shock for Asylum Seekers. Upon arrival they are given a booklet on the laws in Scotland, but there is no support for them on what is classed as acceptable behaviour in society. Unfortunately this has resulted in some behaviours not being deemed appropriate, particularly with regard to women. The impact of this on individuals is that they are now fearful of speaking to any woman, for fear of being believed to be inappropriate. They are becoming socially isolated because they do not understand the cultural norms and this is fundamental to them being able to fully participate and be included in our society. We plan to offer workshops for the gentlemen, which would be supported with translators to teach them how we respect and treat women in Scotland and encourage them to think about what acceptable behaviour in society is. This will then give them the confidence to participate more fully in society, develop friendships out with the hotel accommodation and reduce the social isolation they currently experience. We will also be promoting safe sexual encounters, as the asylum seekers themselves must be protected from the risk of sexual exploitation.