Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Fresh Genesis

Type of initiative funded: Group Activity


Key priority area: Prevention


Funding awarded: £19875


Project description:

Everyone in the area is affected by poverty, healthy life expectancy is low and the need for a safe space is vital. We have acceptance in place for the maintenance of green spaces in Seaton/ Linksfield neighbourhoods to be led by volunteers, local residents and peers with lived experience and to create a legacy for the community. The funding would cover this start of premises, a quick win which would alleviate the overall feeling of people being left behind in Seaton/ Linksfield. We would then be able to move forward further with the community garden. The community garden project from Bayview through to Aulton Court will involve landscaping, gardening, building, food growing, green space management, CO2 footprint reduction, recycling, Painting, art and design. We promote a salutogenic wellness approach, with age friendly, fully inclusive spaces.