Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 2 Awardee

Exploring drama for adults

Type of initiative funded: Group Activity


Funding awarded: £7700


Project description:

We plan to run 30 x 2hr drama and confidence building sessions in two community centres in Central and South Aberdeen. The sessions will be run by professional actor/theatre workshop leaders and will use drama and theatre games and techniques to explore a range of social, confidence building and performance-based skills through activities for individuals and whole groups. These activities will give the participants a number of different opportunities that will make a difference to them through: 1. A regular activity that allows people to explore their imaginations, to play and meet and interact with others interested in this type of activity. This will support people looking to create some regular activity into their lives; 2. The sessions are non-competitive and completely open and explorative, which can build confidence, creative thinking and expression as well as supporting relaxation and de-stressing, vital in supporting personal mental health and wellbeing; 3. The sessions explore a range of skills and character-building exercises which can give opportunities for participants to discuss challenging situations through character work.