Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Empowerment & Engagement

Type of initiative funded: Counselling


Key priority area: Suicide prevention


Funding awarded: £9207


Project description:

The pandemic has been devastating for families as it has been full of unpredictability and risk in all aspects of their lives, not just financial. In the beginning furlough managed to assist people but there was still no certainty that’s jobs would be safe or indeed how long furlough was to last. It was also a struggle for those who were already living to their means and the cut in income, however small, was significant in people’s lives. For us to continue with the work that we are doing and to ensure that we are as far reaching as we can be, we need to have the appropriate technology knowledge and skills in place in order to know if this resource is being used and by who and to develop it as we go forward in conjunction with the needs of our clients and prospective clients. We are seeking funding to keep the operations of the organisation running smoothly and efficiently and support our growing client base. Funding will enable us to give the clients the initial opening to contact us through our website, it will enable us to maintain the site for news, updates, blogs, and other information that would be useful for the clients to have. Staff will be upskilled to deal with the social media delivery, overseeing the enquiries through the various mediums and updating the client data base.