Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 1 Awardee

Volunteer-led mental health support expansion project

Type of initiative funded: One to one


Key priority area: Early intervention


Funding awarded: £13167


Project description:

Our charity is kindly requesting funding for the components that will support our mental health service expansion project, which will enable our charity to significantly increase our volunteer-led mental health support provision and empower people in Aberdeen experiencing mental health and well-being issues to access professional counselling and support when they need it, in order to maximise positive mental health outcomes and combat health inequalities. VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT: As a volunteer-led mental health charity, volunteer recruitment is pivotal to our mental health support delivery. The funding requested will enable our charity to cover the costs of running 2 volunteer recruitment drives and run VOLUNTEER SUPPORT SESSIONS - These focussed support sessions are not designed to replace counselling, but as a result of support and self-improvement, in some cases the number of subsequent counselling sessions will be fewer or perhaps even unnecessary. We aim to offer at least 60 focussed support sessions per month (5 support volunteers leading 3 sessions per week) to provide early mental health support intervention for clients on our counselling waiting list.