Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 2 Awardee

BPD Recovery Cafe

Type of initiative funded: Group Activity


Funding awarded: £2000


Project description:

The BPD Recovery Conversation Café was a safe haven. A place with friendly faces and no judgement. However, the pandemic severely impacted on our once strongly connected community, with members experiencing severe anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. It would be great to bring back this monthly event to the community, accessible to all with no economic barriers not to attend. A free BPD Recovery Café would allow us to increase participation. This project is also where we can connect peer-to-peer to build involvement opportunities for the Charity. It allows us to ensure an equality of voice and experience as part of the charity’s planning process, allowing us the capacity to adjust the project for further development as we go along. This is the best way we can regularly (monthly) connect and make sure that BPD Support has a local service design by the people in Aberdeen with lived-in experience of BPD.