Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 2 Awardee

Awareness raising and development

Type of initiative funded: Counselling


Key priority area: Prevention


Funding awarded: £3704


Project description:

Our project is to provide information, advice and support to individuals who are struggling with debt and about understanding their finances – issues that can have a catastrophic impact on mental health and wellbeing. We aim to do this by adding to our series of podcasts, providing more information on the areas that raise the greatest fears and concerns. The podcasts will allow us to raise the topics that we hear so many questions about and to discuss in a concise and clear manner the options that are available and the viable solutions to the problems that people are facing. We are also keen to further train and develop the team we have in order to give our clients a better service and up to date, relevant information from a client adviser who is knowledgeable and confident with their abilities. We are looking to increase our 1:1 service so that we can better support the community and give our clients the individual assistance they need. We understand that it is difficult for many people to ask for help and to approach an organisation with their concerns, they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their situation.