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Mar 8, 2024

Volunteer as a Board Trustee in Aberdeen – Your Local Third Sector Needs You!

In a drive to help support third sector Board recruitment in Aberdeen, ACVO has compiled details of the latest local opportunities to volunteer as trustees, committee members, directors, board secretaries and more. We are calling on passionate individuals to step up and make a difference by lending their time and skills to support local organisations in the delivery of their invaluable work.

You can find details of all the latest opportunities to volunteer on third sector Boards in our ‘Trustee and Board Opportunities in Aberdeen – Volunteer Roles Spring 2024’ publication.

View it online at or download a PDF copy to read offline or print.

Mike Melvin, ACVO’s Volunteering Services manager, highlighted the transformative potential of volunteering as a Board member, stating, “Volunteering as a charity trustee, committee member, or taking on any role on a Board can be a transformative opportunity both for the individual and the wider community.”

The impact of your involvement as a Board member extends far beyond the organisation itself. By contributing your expertise and time, you can play a pivotal role in shaping the direction and impact of local third sector organisations, ensuring effective governance, sustainable growth, and positive societal change in Aberdeen.

“Your involvement and contributions will result in real change within Aberdeen’s communities. This, as ever, holds a massive importance as we as a sector continue to work towards ensuring our city is a fair and inclusive place for all to live and that voices from all demographics can be heard” Mike added.

Volunteering as a Board member not only benefits the community but also offers the opportunity personal growth and fulfilment. Through leadership, decision-making, and strategic planning, undertaking a volunteer role provides a platform for individuals to develop invaluable skills that foster and enrich both professional and personal development.

“This dual impact underscores the significance of volunteering in Aberdeen,” Mike emphasised, “by giving your time and skills you can be empowered to make a tangible difference while helping to create a stronger, more resilient community for all.”

Local third sector organisations are actively seeking individuals from all backgrounds to join their Boards and make a meaningful contribution to the community. Whether you have expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, governance, HR or simply a passion for making a difference, there’s a role for you.

Explore the rewarding opportunities available in our Spring 2024 Trustee and Board Opportunity highlight publication and consider volunteering to support Aberdeen’s thriving third sector to help create positive change in communities across the city.

The highlight document can be read online at  or downloaded from our website in PDF format if you would like to read offline or print a copy.

Aberdeen benefits hugely from the contribution of the amazing people who regularly volunteer across the city – all help makes a real difference and is always greatly appreciated. As well as the opportunities listed in the document, there are a vast number of other ways you can contribute your time and skills across our diverse third sector.

We update our volunteer listings on a regular basis, you can find details of the latest roles at and or if you are an organisation interested in involving volunteers you can discover how ACVO can help at

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