ACVO is represented on the Board which  offers an opportunity University staff to meet with Alumni, current students and local employer groups.  Its shares ideas and best practice on preparation for employment  and the qualities and skills of value in the workplace.  This is part of ACVO’s wider partnership with University of Aberdeen Careers Service under Memorandum of Understanding.  ACVO would be pleased to help you to identify the many opportunities that exist for working with the Careers Service in support of your organisation’s development.  For example University of Aberdeen Careers Service are finalising Santander funding for internships at present and will be ring-fencing some internships which can support Third Sector organisations.  The Careers Service has also provided the opportunity for a piloting of work-based project courses to support student employability.  Through these we are working together so that student teams will support organisations with making Big Aberdeen actions beneficial to  the Third Sector organisations engaging and the wider Aberdeen community.