Big Aberdeen Action and You

Big Aberdeen’s aims are summed up in its strapline to encourage Aberdeen to ‘Connect, Collaborate, Challenge and Change’ across the sectors.

Below are the ways that, at this next stage of Big Aberdeen, you can “Connect Collaborate Challenge and Change” – whoever you are:

  1. Claim a Big Aberdeen Bench to raise awareness of your work or visit one that is in place already for Home Start, Erskine, Cornerstone, MHA, and other Good Causes.
  2. Shout out about “Your People” highlight private sector employees volunteering in the community.
  3. What has Big Aberdeen done so Far? Big Aberdeen History
  4. What are Big Aberdeen Values and Principles
  5. Join the free Big Aberdeen Network and connect to businesses, services for your clients, funders, volunteers, volunteering or placement opportunities and more.
  6. Get involved with any of the Big Aberdeen Stories.  They are there to make it easy for people to engage as referrers, volunteers, partners, donors, sponsors and service users.
  7. Learn more about Big Disruptive Thinking if you are a business, civic, community or youth leader (or want so meet some!).
  8. Be inspired by The Big Aberdeen Creative Picture –  to see what Art and Creativity can do for your community and what your community can do for the Cultural life of Aberdeen
  9. Follow @Aberdeen_ACVO and #BigAberdeen on Twitter and Like Aberdeen_ACVO on Facebook
  10. If you are already on board and making Connections through the Big Aberdeen Network then Spread your Big Aberdeen Network News via the ACVO website and e:bulletin by emailing “Big Aberdeen Steps Forward” to
  11. FAQs are here.  To ask more contact Alison Chandler