ACVO Affiliates is an opportunity to broker new connections between professionals in the private sector with Third Sector organisations. Affiliates income surplus is invested in the ACVO Bursary scheme to support Third Sector organisations to pursue an enterprise opportunity or to support in a time of crisis.

The following is a list of Affiliates who have provided ACVO with details. This does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by ACVO of the affiliates’ services. Affiliates have been invited to apply to ACVO on the basis that they demonstrate a commitment to working with us to develop practical understanding and make informed choices about how to support each other, to enable the sector to operate as effectively as possible, and to identify and pursue opportunities to make money, save money and give time.


Application to become an Affiliate is by invitation only via ACVO or a Third Sector member. A steering group supports ACVO in developing the scheme which also provides a range of opportunities for affiliates and Third Sector organisations to meet face-to-face and share knowledge, skills and opportunities.

For further information about Aberdeen Impact Affiliates please contact Alison Chandler, Funding & Sustainability Officer.