As part of Celebrate Aberdeen this year we are launching a brand new campaign aimed at getting people talking about volunteering.

#VolunteersChangeTheWorld will highlight famous volunteers throughout history who left a mark on the world but this is just the beginning.  We want to highlight everyone!

On Saturday we will be parading with 6 protest placards adorned with 6 recognisable volunteers*. Since we only have 6 placards that means there are heaps of people left out so we are turning to Twitter for help.

On Saturday at 10.30am we will be tweeting “Who are the volunteers who changed the world?” and we would be thrilled if you could give us an answer, using #VolunteersChangeTheWorld.

We want to highlight:

  • Other historic volunteers (“This person gave fantastic support to this organisation. #VolunteersChangeTheWorld”. “Did you know this person was so involved with this charity? #VolunteersChangeTheWorld”)
  • Recognisable names that helped out an organisation you work with or know of (“This person set up our charity in 1901. #VolunteersChangeTheWorld”. “Without the campaigning from this person we wouldn’t be where we are today. #VolunteersChangeTheWorld”)
  • Current volunteers who made a big impact (“Thanks to the money raised by this person we were able to buy a new… #VolunteersChangeTheWorld”. “This group are doing amazing work in this place #VolunteersChangeTheWorld”)
  • Volunteers who are going to make a big impact (“Next year this volunteer is going help fix this problem. #VolunteersChangeTheWorld”)
  • Anything else we haven’t thought of that could fit in that hashtag. We want everyone to be as creative as possible.

We would also ask that everyone who takes part ask their own followers who they think the volunteers who changed the world are.

We want to shower everyone’s feeds with pictures of volunteers to really drive home the point and get people talking about volunteering.

*They are Audrey Hepburn, Emmeline Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale, Chad Varah, Thomas Barnardo and Mother Teresa.  Just because we’re using them doesn’t mean you can’t though!