Statement on Aberdeen Council’s Proposed Cuts


This week’s devastating cuts from the council budget is extremely bad news for the sector and the recipients of our services.

Like many others ACVO has had a 40% cut to the funding directly related to the work it does in community planning, localities and children’s services. This will mean it will be harder to ensure the voices of the sector are heard in these forums. However, given the cuts this week it appears that ACC is not at all committed to listening to the voices of those in need or indeed really dedicated to the early intervention and support for the city’s most vulnerable.

Whilst the council’s own staff is preserved from redundancy, the 3rd sector will now be issuing notification to its staff about compulsory redundancies.


The Board of ACVO has been shocked by the suggested cuts to 3rd sector organisations in Aberdeen City by the Council.

ACVO too is to be subject to a cut of over 40% affecting the work it  undertakes related to Community Planning and with the Children’s Services Providers in Aberdeen.

Below is a statement from the ACVO Board:

“Whilst some cuts are not unexpected, the fact they will hit the city’s most vulnerable who are those supposedly at the heart of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan is ironic and objectionable.

“The LOIP advocates for early intervention, grassroots community based work and a focus on reducing inequalities. The cuts will ensure the opposite of this with services being lost in areas of multiple deprivation, joblessness and poverty which will result in even poorer outcomes and opportunities for the city’s most vulnerable.

“Making cuts to community centres, support & family services and arts venues is likely to increase the poor mental health of communities, increase social isolation and compound poverty.”