This information has been brought together in response to funding, fundraising and business planning enquiries during a temporary absence of ACVO’s funding officers

Generally, most funding issues are not best addressed in a rush and are not answered quickly.  The best advice is always to plan your work and research potential funding in depth and we hope that the following resources may help you until we return. If you have an urgent question (e.g. arising from communication with a funder with a deadline) then our first advice would be to speak to the funder themselves.

If you feel that you need guidance before doing so then you may find that one of our colleagues would be able to give some help – for example or


Are you looking for funding? Funding Scotland is the most popular database where you can find various funding opportunities. It is free but you need to register.

Have you been unsuccessful in applying for funding? Are you just about to write your first funding application? If so, you might want to read ‘Inside of the mind of a grant maker report’. It should give you some useful pointers about what funders are looking for.

You might also want to check out our Funding A-Z which gives useful tips on completing funding applications.

ACVO also has a COVID-19 Funding directory with sources that are specifically targeted at helping communities and charities during this time. You can find it here.

Why not sign up to ACVO News which contains funding sources?


Are you new to fundraising? Institute of Fundraising has produced a number of short videos on various types of fundraising. You can find them here. We would particularly recommend Case for Support, Community Fundraising and Corporate Fundraising.

Still unsure what to do? You might like to join North East Fundraisers LinkedIn group and see if your peers in the city can help.

Worried about how the COVID19 pandemic has affected donations? We have recently produced Giving in Aberdeen 2020 report which paints a picture of how the public supports charities in the city. Find out more here.

Further resources on fundraising can also be found in our directory here.

Wider sustainability

Thinking about sustainability of your organisation? Check out The Lasting Difference Toolkit produced by Wren and Greyhound. It can help you think about how to best sustain the impact you are making and offer a fresh perspective on different aspects of your work. You can find it here.