Community Centre Handbook

Why have policies?

Policies set out how an organisation carries out its work.  Policies ensure that everyone works in the same way and that the Association and community centre both operate smoothly and consistently.  They can also be used to demonstrate to the public, or to funders, that the Association is committed to certain principles.  They can also help protect the management committee, staff and volunteers should they come into conflict with another party.

It is intended that the sample documents in this section should help Management Committees develop a particular policy or procedure.  Management committees are not required to use these particular samples and can of course adapt these to meet your own requirements or use other documents.

Please remember, that your policies will mean nothing if you have not trained the Management Committee, staff and volunteers in using them.  It is also good practice to review them regularly to ensure they are still fit for your purpose.

It may be a good idea to review a policy at every management committee meeting.  This is likely to develop a review cycle of around 2 years without placing to large a burden on any single management committee meeting.

It is important to ensure that everyone in the organisations operates in accordance with your policies.  If actual practice and written documents are different then management committees require to either change the working practices to reflect the written documents, or to amend the documents to reflect the actual practice.

The sample documents listed below can be requested from the Community Centre Liaison Officer or downloaded via a link.

Sample documents

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